Honeydew Home Improvement - Home Improvement Should Be Sweet.

Managing Your Home Improvements Shouldn't Suck

When my wife and I bought our first home, we had a lot projects that we wanted to get done right away.

...one month later, hardly anything was done.

It was about that time that my wife asked me, "Why are you so good at getting stuff done at work, and so bad at getting stuff done at home?" It was a completely valid question to ask, so I decided to take a few days to arrive at an equally valid answer.

The answer I arrived at was that, at work, I had the benefit of a project management methodology called Agile. Within Agile, I always knew exactly what tasks needed to be done, their respective priorities, about how much effort each would take, and roughly how many tasks I could complete within a week. As a result, the rest of my team could easily know when to expect projects to be completed.

Upon arriving at that realization, the solution to my problem became obvious to me - I needed to figure out how to make Agile work for home improvement. While there's a lot of stuff we're looking forward to putting into the Honeydew app, for its first release we decided to focus on 6 primary areas:

1. Keep Track Of Everything...

Kind of like a to-do list combined with a wish list, Honeydew lets you keep track of every improvement you might someday want to make to your home.

It doesn't matter if it is fixing that leaky faucet or adding on the [mythical] master suite.

Everything goes on the list.

2. A Mountain...Or A Molehill?

Typical to-do lists don't do a good job of how big, or small, a project really is. Believe it or not, this gets in the way of getting things done.

In the Honeydew home improvement system, every project that gets added to the list is estimated in terms of the project's cost and the time it will take to complete it.

This isn't, however, the time to get weighed down by details. Rather than estimate down to the dollar and minute, Honeydew projects are estimated on abstract scales ranging from 1 to 5. This helps us understand a project's scale which, in turn, helps you to keep moving forward.

3. What's The Priority...Today?

One day replacing the curtains in the guest room might be the last thing on your to-do list, but a quick call from your mother-in-law announcing a surprise visit could change that in a heartbeat.

Priorities change, that's a fact of life. Honeydew not only helps you keep track of what's important but, when what's important changes, Honeydew enables you to go with the flow and keep your home improvements on track.

4. Improvement... At Your Own Pace

Maybe you have a lot of time and money to invest in home improvement or maybe you just have a few hours every other weekend. It really doesn't matter how fast you get things done as long as you keep completing projects at a consistent pace.

Honeydew tracks how quickly you complete projects, and combines that data with your priorities and the point values you've assigned to projects in order to generate a weekly project plan that makes the most of the time and resources you have available.

5. We'll Fill In The Details

Let's say that this is the week that you finally decide to tile the bathroom floor. You fire up Honeydew, start the bathroom tile project, and make it your top priority. Now tiling is a pretty big project and will take up most of your week, that said, you still have a little capacity with which to take care of a few more small projects. The question is, which of your small projects should you fill in with?

The good news is you've already figured that out. Whenever you re-prioritize your projects, Honeydew will automatically fill in any scheduling gaps with projects of lower points values. Oiling that squeaky door might not be your highest priority, but if you have the capacity you might as well get it done.

This keeps you, and your house, moving forward.

6. Look Into The Future

You know you need to paint the dining room before Thanksgiving, but that doesn't mean you need to do it July.

By comparing project point values, their priority, and your improvement pace, Honeydew is able to look into the future and give you a reasonable estimate of when you might expect a project to be completed by. If it doesn't look like you'll get it done in time, all you have to do is increase its priority.

Honeydew Home Improvement is designed and developed by Dakota Reese Brown and Walter Kim.